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Education imparts not just knowledge but a sense of perception, patience and most importantly, nurtures an individual’s evolution for the future. The key factor ’Knowledge’ is at the core of all development efforts in advancing economic and social well being in an emerging nation like India. The need of the hour is to lay a strong foundation and evolve innovative processes that will prepare the students to be able to excel in the realm of their chosen field.

The Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic was founded in the year 2008. As a responsible citizen, founders of the trust, right from the beginning firmly believed that quality education will result in the overall growth of the region. The small but visionary efforts of the founders have now turned this area into Oasis of learning spread over 30 acres.

The Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic, founded in year 2008, has grown to become one of the best education groups in Haryana and has built a reputation for Excellence in the Professional Education. A brainchild of renowned doctor and educationist, Dr. Puneet Goyal, Chairman Om Group of Institutions, now encompass a group of vibrant, world class institutions. The leadership role that Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic continues to play stems primarily from our inherent belief that in order to impact and deliver quality education, an institution needs to differentiate itself through innovation. OGI is an excellent integrated educational hub blended with a strong intent of matching the changing paradigms of the education fraternity globally.

Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic in the year 2008 on the educational horizon of city, Hisar.

A remarkable milestone has been archived by Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic merely through top-notch infrastructure, learning resources, world-class faculty and also through an unflinching commitment to help the students acquire knowledge in keeping with the highly competitive demands of today’s business and industry. The dedicated team is committed to the task of ensuring that the students to be well trained and holistically developed to meet the challenges of their chosen profession in today’s competitive world. As an educational temple, OGI aims at developing the students’ multi-dimensional personality i.e. continuous pursuit of knowledge, commitment to excellence, cultivation of moral-ethical values and taste for aesthetics.

Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic offers quality teaching in a unique, supportive and stimulating environment. We attempt to mould young minds with a bright vision of the future driven by a mission to make a difference in the workplace through deep sense of commitment, integrity and perseverance. The learning environment provided at Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic encourages healthy internal competition and students are not merely judged by their academic performance but it goes beyond the curricula to value based activities and value oriented education. We instill the best of knowledge and experience through innovative and strong approach that prepares students for the challenges ahead.