Chairman Message

Chairman's Message

We strive to achieve excellence in education with the objective to bring glory to our Nation. Our first venture in professional education at Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic has come to be highly regarded for its latest infrastructural facilities, vibrant campus and academic excellence, especially in the fields of Engineering & Technology, Management and Architectural Education.

Mission is to maintain a dynamic balance between theoretical knowledge and practical training, as also between professional ethics and technical expertise. To ensure the all-round development of our students, our goal is to provide avenues of growth all aspects of one's personality. In today's world, globalization is swiftly mounting, bringing with it extended mobility; entrance to knowledge across borders; increased demand for higher education, growing universal investment; and Increased needs continuing education. The time undoubtedly belongs to the men and women of potency and excellence in professional fields. Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic has been established to nurture and cultivate young mind in the pursuit of knowledge with the saying "education is leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul.”

I positively believe that for the freedom of individual development and Intellectual progress. Education is one of the Human Resource enlargement strategies, a potent tool for peaceful social transformation and for overall development and prosperity of any nation. It should be free from chains of ignorance, bigotry and baseless belief. Education is an essential catalog of human development. Committed to excellence, Vidya Sanskar Polytechnic seeks to educate our students to be responsible, forward looking and creative citizens of the world so that they can start earning while learning and soon after completing their studies, they may be able to employ themselves gainfully either as self-employed or are well equipped and trained to get employment globally.

The responsibility of the Om Group of Institutions in the context of changing scenario is not only confined to imparting education but also to forecast the future needs of economy. The curriculum and practical training at the Om Group of Institutions, therefore, always keep in view the emerging global opportunities in business and employment.

Dr. Punit Goyal